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Easing Your Mind

It can be hard to quiet the mind with all the chaos around us. Meditation can enable you to achieve that. Meditation is a practice that allows the mind to shut out all external and internal interference for a moment of solitude and calmness. It relaxes your mind, soothes your thoughts, filters out the rubbish, and brings you into a state of control.

Meditation takes its root from the Orients, where it is referred to as Zen. With continuous relaxation practice, one can attain a Zen state for a total and wholesome meditation. Zen encourages mindfulness and stillness, with the power to transport in and out of your thought at will. Although attaining this state is not easy, practice will enable you to build a pathway to attaining Zen.

How To Meditate

  • If you are in your home, find a comfortable and quiet place
  • Sit with your legs crossed or find a position that enables you to practice the correct posture. This means your back should be straight and in alignment with your head and neck
  • Quietly close your eyes and count your breath without allowing any thought interrupting your counting. If your thoughts are interrupted, start over again.

This is the beginning of meditation. Once you can control your thoughts, you will realize how therapeutic meditation can help heal the mind and body.

Benefits Of Meditation

  • It helps with blood circulation and lowers the blood pressure
  • It curbs insomnia and induces sleep
  • It boosts cognitive response; improve brain activity, and alertness

Wrapping It Up

Once you gain the understanding of meditation, it is easy to switch off the noises in your space to attain a moment of peace and calmness anywhere. All you need do is close your eyes, take a couple of deep breathes, and refocus your thoughts on the task or challenge ahead.

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